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This page collects selected earlier blog posts with some relevant local information from the Red Rock EcoAdventures website, a site that is soon to be retired if it hasn’t already by the time you read this. My first thought was to start anew, but realized these older posts offer a little information about the Greater Parry Sound area and some recent historical information on what things looked like at certain times of the year in the 2010s. Things are changing; quickly.

The view looking towards Parry Island from Thunder Creek.


Summer has arrived, what are you waiting for?


The North Shore Rugged Trail in Parry Sound for all of its views and rocky beauty is not host to many wildflowers. There are some that have been blooming for the past three weeks but they will probably be ending their performance in the next week with the warmer temperatures that are forecast for the area.

Among the plants in flower now you can find blueberries, spring violets, pink corydalis and wild columbine. The columbine is rather localized and can be found where the trail overlooks Zhiishiib Rock. If you look around a little, particularly uphill, you will find several dozen plants in flower. The shot below was taken this past Thursday evening.

Wild Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) on the North Shore Rugged Trail (2017-06-08)


I was out on the North Shore Rugged Trail yesterday evening and was pleased to see a dozen people hiking along the trail. The weather was perfect, clear and without any bugs. The water is a bit high and requires heading upstream a little to cross at Thunder Creek unless you have knee high boots.

Here’s a view of the water level beyond the crossing at Thunder Creek as you head north towards Monument Survey. People have arranged stepping stones to keep feet dry.

IT MUST BE SPRING, … (2017-04-17)

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