Photo of the Day – 2018-12-20

This image, like yesterday’s, was taken Tuesday in the late afternoon. In this case the view is from where the North Shore Rugged Trail’s Thunder Creek flows into the Big Sound. There are signs of ice starting to form. I’m hoping for an early freeze so folks can get their ice shacks out and the rest of us can get onto the Big Sound and explore. (December 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-12-19

It’s a special time of the year for for viewing the Big Sound from Parry Sound’s North Shore Rugged Trail with the sun as low and as far south as it is. The last couple of days have seen colder temperatures and clear skies. This is a limited time opportunity. It’s time to get out and enjoy the colours while they last. Some might say they are ‘painterly’. (December 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-12-18

Zhiishiib Rock at sunset this past Sunday as seen from Parry Sound’s North Shore Rugged Trail. (December 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-12-17

A panorama of yesterday’s sunset over the Big Sound. The sun now sets about as far south as it can with only four days until the Winter Solstice. (December 2018) Click the image for a more detailed view.

Photo of the Day – 2018-12-01

Yesterday’s CP Christmas Train pulling into Parry Sound shot as a smartphone panorama from the Town Dock area. (November 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-11-28

If yesterday was had a little bit of panorama distortion this one is off the charts. It was shot panning with an iPhone from right to left while the train was crossing the trestle left to right. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out just fine. Parry Sound’s CP trestle crossing the Seguin. Click the image for a more detailed view. (November 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-11-27

Another panorama from the past Thursday looking back from the Parry Sound Town Dock. There is a little bit of distortion seen in the upward curve of the trestle. Click the image for a more detailed view. (November 2018)