Photo of the Day – 2020-07-15

The same comet (Neowise) and the same morning but this time as seen over Yvonne Williams Park in Parry Sound. It’s a bit later than noted Mill Lake photo and you can see that the sky has lightened considerable. It looks a though we’l clouded out fo rthe next couple of nights and early mornings, so NeoWise will need to wait. (July 2020)

Comet Neowise over Yvonne Williams Park in the Town of Parry Sound the morning of 2020-07-14.

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-14

Comet Neowise is the big news in the astro community right now. It is incredibly bright and will be around for the next month or so, moving from the early morning to night sky. This is a view of Comet Neowise over Mill Lake earlier this morning. (July 2020) Click the image for a better view.

Comet Neowise over Mill Lake in Parry Sound / McDougall

Photo of the Day – 2020-06-18

A view of the Milky Way hanging over Parry Sound harbour and Sound Boat works early Wednesday morning as seen from the end of the Town Dock. That’s the Champaigne Street (original spelling) boat launch on the left and Salt Point (Parry Island) on the right. What is a little mysterious is the source of the glow from behind Sound Boat Works. I suppose it must be the marinas and homes along Rose point Road because the only thing beyond that is the Massassauga Provincial Park. (June 2020)

The Milky Way over Parry Sound harbour.

Photo of the Day – 2020-06-14

A view of the Milky Way last night/this morning looking towards the Town of Parry Sound harbour from just past the trestle. (June 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-06-03

This is a project that was a few months in the making – a full 360 degree view of the Town of Parry Sound that follows autumn turning into winter and eventually spring. A collection of 19 images shot during the 2019/2020 season the poster captures the early arrival of snow, its departure, followed by its return and stay through March. What is shown below is a clip from the top of the poster. Click on the image to see the full 19 image collection. (The individual panoramas are available for non-commercial use as multi pixel files with a donation to one of our supported not-for-profit organizations. All rights reserved, printing or reposting of the poster or any of the individual panoramas is not permitted without written permission. See the bottom of the poster for contact information.)

Photo of the Day – 2020-05-26

It doesn’t seem to be all that confusing in person. Panorama disorientation through distortion. (May 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-05-24

Parry Sound’s Cascade Street dam – coming and going. (May 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-05-23

Another view from James Street in Parry Sound, this time from the other side of the street. It bends in different directions depending on your ‘point of view’. (May 2020)



Photo of the Day – 2020-05-20

Now that’s a stretch limo. The view from James Street in Parry Sound. Part of the fun with panoramas series. (May 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-05-18

This is a familiar corner in Parry Sound, James & Seguin, that is a bit disorienting when viewed with this perspective. It’s interesting to realize that this image is not Photoshopped but rather reflects what the camera sees and records. Same spot, same view, and different perspective. That explains a few things in life. (May 2020)