Photo of the Day – 2017-06-27

An iPhone panorama from the North Shore Rugged Trail this past Sunday after the storm had passed. (June 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-06-21

It’s not only wildflowers that are in season, ferns are also hitting their peak. This scene, in a shaded section of the Rose Point Trail, provides a sense of what the primeval earth must have looked like before the evolution of flowering plants. (June 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-06-20

In the theme of blues and purples, Bittersweet Nightshade has started to bloom along the Rose Point Trail. It’s another Eurasian immigrant that has flourished in the temperate parts of North America. (June 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-06-19

It’s wildflower season on the Rose Point Trail, with the Trilliums long gone it’s time for others to bloom. Here is a photo of the first Northern Blue Flag that I have seen on the trail this season. It’s typically found on the edge of the ponds and the marches. (June 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-06-15

Bleeding Heart in our backyard. Another ‘immigrant’ from Eurasia, these flowers grow nicely in the Parry Sound area. This ‘string’ of blooms and seed pods tell the story of life, from immature on the far right to the more mature as you head left and finally the seed pods for next year’s plants. One generation ensuring the future of the next generation is a lesson we can all take to heart. (June 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-06-14

Pink Corydalis as photographed on the North Shore Rugged Trail. Easy to notice but hard to appreciate unless you make the effort to look a little closer. (May 2017)


Photo of the Day – 2017-06-13

Coreopsis blooming in our backyard. (June 2017)