Photo of the Day – 2019-08-04

Saturday evening down at the ol’ fishing hole. (August 2019)

Photo of the Day – 2019-03-30

Zhiishiib Rock at sunset encased in a very frozen Big Sound with a light at the end of the dark tunnel we call winter. (March 2019)

Photo of the Day – 2019-02-07

A full 360 from atop the tower in Parry Sound’s Tower Hill Heritage Garden this morning with an optimistic bit of blue in the distance. If you click on the image you can get a larger version for closer inspection. (February 2019)

Photo of the Day – 2019-01-14

The ice is starting thicken up nicely. With almost no wind and very cold temperatures the ice is as smooth as glass. That’s all ice, no water. I will be starting to post smartphone images like this one, yesterday afternoon from the North Shore Rugged Trail, on Instagram rather than here at ParrySights. You can find me on Instagram at ParrySights and the images at #PSNSRT. (January 2019)

Photo of the Day – 2019-01-10

The lights may be down in the Tower Hill Heritage Garden but the stars still come out on clear nights. A view of the tower this past Sunday evening when things turned a little colder and we had a new moon. If you look closely you can see Orion starting to rise to the left of the tower. The colours on the snow reflect the many different light sources that illuminate the garden. The top of the tower is brighter because the light from the Town can ‘peek’ over the trees. On a clear night you can see as far as trillions of miles away and millions of years into the past. (January 2019)

Made from 10 light frames by Starry Landscape Stacker 1.7.0. Algorithm: Max Value

Photo of the Day – 2018-12-31

After sunset on Saturday from the mouth of the North Shore Rugged Trail’s Thunder Creek. Beautifully clear, but without the dramatic colour of last week’s sunsets. The water was flowing down Thunder Creek following the recent thaw and rain. (December 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-12-22

After the brilliant sunsets earlier in the week we have had some warm but mostly overcast weather. Feeling a little caged in and windswept atop the tower in the Tower Hill Heritage Garden. (December 2018)