Photo of the Week – 2020-11-14

Waxing moon and sunset over the Big Sound as seen from Parry Sound’s North Shore Rugged Trail. If you look closely. (click the image to see a larger version at you can make out the Smelter Wharf’s Great Pyramid to the left and Zhiishiib Rock to the right. The panorama format messes with perspective in an interesting way. (October 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-11-07

NSRT Blues. This is a view from the North Shore Rugged Trail in late October looking northwest  from a little beyond Zhiishiib Rock. The blues are the effective ‘daylight’ colours at that time of day. Our brains are ‘programmed’ to compensate for the natural blues of a cloudy post sunset sky like this. (October 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-10-31

Orion over Highway 400. This is a view from the Parry Sound Drive overpass looking south in late September. It’s a busy highway in the middle of the night even with the summer season starting to wind down. The lights on the horizon are from the Town of Parry Sound. (September 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-10-24

A view from Parry Sound’s North Shore Rugged Trail. This shot is from a little earlier in the month before the ‘rains’ arrived. That’s Zhiishiib Rock in the foreground and Parry Sound in the distance. Saturn and Jupiter are looking down from above. (October 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-10-17

Your ship has come in – the Algoma Innovator. These visits always provide interesting views and dramatic photos, especially after sunset when the lights are on and the sky takes on a blue cast. (October 2020) (Click on the image for a larger view at Click this link for a black and white version of the same image. It has its own charm.)

Photo of the Week – 2020-10-10

An autumn evening along Parry Sound’s North Shore Rugged Trail. (September 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-10-03

While you were sleeping. A middle of the night view of the coming night sky; Orion over Mill Lake framed by traffic on Highway 400. (September 2020) (Note: the image has been edited to make Orion a little easier to spot. Click on the image for a larger version at

Photo of the Week – 2020-09-26

If you have spent time on Parry Sound’s North Shore Rugged Trail you will have noticed the rise in water levels from the low point of about three years ago. Back in 2017 it was possible to ‘rock hop’ across Thunder Creek where it met the Big Sound. Now you will need hip waders to cross there. This is the scene from 2017 a little further along the trail where it crosses another pool of water. To keep from getting wet feet folks placed some rocks across this stretch. These rocks are currently a foot under water and a detour is required. A little bit of posterization to this photo make things more colorful. If you have hiked the trail you will recognize this crossing. (May 2017)

Photo of the Week – 2020-09-19

It’s not always clear with the stars and Milky Way brightening up the night sky. Often it’s the colours of technology shining bright through the gloom and reflecting off the clouds. (September 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-09-12

The big picture. This is a panorama of the Big Sound from the Town of Parry Sound to 3-Mile Point on Parry Island. The orange glow and the light in the sky to the left is from the Town and the rising moon. The glow on the horizon to the right is from the recently set sun. This was one of the very few clear nights of the past couple of weeks, and it was very windy. That’s not obvious from the multiple long exposure images used to create this 170 MP panorama. (September 2020) (Click on the image to see a larger version hosted at