Photo of the Day – 2018-09-14

The National Wayfarer and Albacore National Championships are being held at Sail Parry Sound in Parry Sound this weekend. This is a shot of some of the action taking place the Old Town Beach Thursday evening, sailors and paddle boarders. Drop by to watch the races on the Big Sound. The action is all three days starting at 11:00 on Friday and Saturday, and 10:00 on Sunday.

Photo of the Day – 2018-08-08

Caught at the scene of an ongoing criminal act. (August 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-08-07

Looking still deeper and the question is who is looking at who? (August 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-08-06

A little ‘deeper’ into the garden. (August 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-08-04

A surprise visitor in the garden yesterday, a hummingbird moth. The size of a small hummingbird this moth is easily distinguished by it’s long curved proboscis for reaching into flower blooms. I think this is a Hemaris diffinis. (August 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-08-02

Another visitor to the garden. I can’t figure out what species it is, but it is welcome to come and enjoy the plant buffet. Bu(July 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-08-01

Big Blue Sea Holly (Eryngium ‘Big Blue’) from the garden into the studio. (July 2018)