Special Issue – 2018-06-15

Snowbirds over Parry Sound, from 1 to 9. A couple of images from Wednesday’s Snowbird performance in Parry Sound. I’ll have a couple more tomorrow as well. Click on the images for a bigger picture. (June 2018)

2 thoughts on “Special Issue – 2018-06-15

  1. Nora Alexander says:

    Great pics, Jo. I have similar ones, but the colours of the planes didn’t show up. What did you do for that?

    Enjoy your day,


  2. Jo Bossart/ParrySounds.com says:

    I realized that the sun would be coming in from the west so I positioned myself on the North Shore Rugged Trail close to Zhiishiib Rock. That meant for most of the photos the sun was coming in from the side or even over my shoulder and lighting up the planes. Still, some of the shots showed the planes as semi-silhouettes. It would have been much more colorful from a photographic perspective had the show been in the morning with the sun behind most of the audience rather than in front of it.

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