Photo of the Day – 2017-06-08

This is a ‘twofer’ day, the same image looked at in two different ways, as shot and as cropped. (Click on the either image for a closer view.)

The image below was shot from the top of the tower at Tower Hill Heritage Garden a couple of days ago in the late evening. When looking out west from the tower, if you look closely, you can see patches of water to the west towards Killbear Park and Georgian Bay. There is of course lots of water looking north towards the Big Sound. The photo below was shot looking west with a longer lens and provides a bit more detail than the naked eye will afford. The second image is a crop from the first image and provides more detail. You can more clearly make out the point of Killbear Park and the navigation marker. Looking to the right you can make out the marker on Carling Rock, and the Pancakes behind it. Beyond that is Georgian Bay and the horizon. Cameras not only allow you to record, they can also help you to see. (June 2017)

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