Photo of the Day – 2017-02-02

The few! The brave, or the stupid?

The weather for the past four weeks has been mild to say the least. That has kept the Big Sound completely ice free. The Parry Sound Harbour is a little more sheltered and has had ice over much, but not all, of its surface for the past few weeks, although not enough to support anything more than gulls. The past three days has delivered well below freezing temperatures that has allowed the harbour to pretty much freeze over completely. This has seemingly encouraged at least one sledder to try their luck and head towards the South Channel from the Champaigne Street dock. In theory if you run fast enough, don’t stop, and you don’t hit open water, you can make it even on thin ice. Let’s hope there are no ‘accidents’ and the harbour and the Big Sound freeze over to allow the sledders a little bit of fun, and fishing folk the opportunity to drill some holes.

(FYI – I think the most of the tracks are from test drives by the local hovercraft manufacturer – Air Rider. The one sledder apparently wasn’t fooling around making donuts, they just headed out in a straight line.)


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