Photo of the Day – 2016-12-17

An early morning line up at the Smelter Wharf. This is from Thursday morning after the snow had stopped and the sun agreed to peak out from behind the clouds. The salt trucks lined up to get filled were slowed down because the hill leading away from the Smelter Wharf was too slippery for the tandems to get up. The problem was solved when the front end loader with a full bucket of salt drove up the road and dribbled it out. (December 2016)


3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 2016-12-17

  1. Nora Alexander says:

    You take excellent photos, Jo.

    You should publish a book.


  2. Brian says:

    Great photo, I spent many a morning there doing just that,brings back memories. Thank you for a great series of photos.

  3. Jo Bossart/ says:

    Thanks. Winter in Parry Sound is special. You can hate it, or love it. I’m hoping the Big Sound freezes over sooner rather than later so that the people who fish, can fish, and the rest of us can explore.

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