Photo of the Day – 2016-07-31

Something a little different today, a short photo essay on the Rose Point Recreational Trail. It’s from the Summer of 2013 and a presentation to the Parry Sound Nature Club that Fall. You can reach the presentation by clicking on this link, or the image below. I hope it will encourage you to visit the trail if you haven’t already. And if you are a regular, it might provide a slightly different perspective of an old friend. (Summer 2013)

Rose Point Recreational Trail Intro 2016-07-30


3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 2016-07-31

  1. Scott Avery says:

    When are the pictures from the 206 Big Sound Regatta going to be posted…just curious.
    Thank you.

  2. Jo Bossart/ says:

    The first batch will be posted later today at

    The numbers are interesting in terms of time to process. With about 2,100 images in total it takes about 3 hours just to take a first look at them and toss out the images that are not in sharp focus. It’s about 5 seconds per image to pull up on the screen and make a quick decision to keep or toss. About 10% are deleted. After that it takes time to go through the images and decide on what should be posted. Not too many people want to go through 1,900 images to find the two or three dozen of themselves. And there are even fewer people who want to spend a couple of seconds looking at all of the pictures. Even a couple of seconds per image would take a couple of hours to look at the full collection.

    So once the images are selected they need to be “tuned up”. The obvious adjustment is making them level. It’s interesting how shooting a regatta from a listing boat tends to make it a wee bit difficult to keep a level horizon. Beyond that there is exposure to correct. I tend to underexpose all of the images so the white sails don’t get blown out in the bright sun. That means carefully increasing the exposure in post processing. And a few images need to be cropped.

    It’s a bit like doing wedding photography, but there isn’t just one ‘star of the show’ who wants to have perhaps one hundred ‘keepers’. In this case I estimate it’s about 8 hours of focused work to just post up some 300 images. But perhaps the toughest part is making the decisions on what to toss, what to keep, and what to process and post. Beyond the 10% that are obvious technical failures each of them has its ‘charm’.

    So some today and more tomorrow. Probably 300 in total. There are more if people are interested in contacting me directly.

  3. Scott Avery says:

    Thank you for that…sounds like a lot work…I will update my sail mates.

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