Photo of the Day – 2015-12-28

Redwood1890-20151207-DSC_1472Crossing over. (December 2015)

ParrySights is heading in a new direction. This is the 1,104th post on this site, and it seems time to change things up. The focus going forward will still be on views from in and around Parry Sound, but instead of a daily image, attention will be given to a series of images, or collage, once or twice a week. This will allow me to explore a subject in a little more detail, perhaps telling a more complete story.

The New Year will also see me investing time in another site, Red Rock ecoAdventures, that will look into adventure opportunities in and around West Parry Sound and the Georgian Bay Biosphere. There is so much to do outdoors that it’s not always easy to know what to do, or where to start. I hope we will be able to help with advice based on actual experience.

If you want to see more images of the Parry Sound area I suggest you look at another website, Redwood 1890 Photography. I will be continuously adding photos to this site and arranging them by month. Pick a month, any month, and get a sense of what there is to see in and around Parry Sound.

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