Photo of the Day – 2015-09-27

Redwood1890-20150926-_DSC9053I was out Saturday night (last night) scouting locations for the lunar eclipse and took this shot. It’s pointing the wrong way, but it has some charm. For those of you in Parry Sound wanting to watch the eclipse I suggest the Town Dock area. The moon will be rising over Tower Hill. And if you have the budget, a later dinner from the deck at Boston Pizza should be fantastic. The Smelter Wharf (Salt Dock) should be okay but the moon will be rising over the water treatment plant, not as pretty a backdrop. The weather promises to be perfect so I will be out there, somewhere. We won’t get this type of lunar eclipse for another 18 years. And I’ll bet it will be cloudy on that day;-). So don’t miss it. (September 2015)

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