Photo of the Day – 2015-06-04

Redwood1890-20150603-_DS72787_DxORemember Big Mama, or more likely ‘Big Papa’ from yesterday? I went back to take a couple of plant photos yesterday and guess who was out sunning themself? The light was little less harsh, and I had a longer lens, so here’s a better look. If you look very closely at the top of the shell (click on the photo or pinch to zoom, depending on your device) you will see a dragonfly on his/her shell. I estimate the dragonfly has a wingspan of about 8-10 cm (3-4 in.), so figure out how many could fit wing to wing on the shell and you have an idea of how long the shell is. Probably quite a bit more than the 50 cm (20 in.) I estimated yesterday. This is the top predator in this pond, whose only worry should be a human with a taste for turtle soup. (June 2015)

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