Photo of the Day – 2015-03-03

Redwood189020150222-_DSC0286_DxOThis is my favourite shack. It looks like something you might expect to find in the Antarctic. Those are its skids leaning against the side. Once again it seems windows and light aren’t necessary for ice fishing. (February 2015)

Ice Shacks of the Big Sound – 2015.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 2015-03-03

  1. Andy Myers says:

    Jo. Their is a reason their is little or no windows in ice huts. It makes it easier to see down through the hole/ice.

  2. Jo Bossart/ says:

    Andy, I am willing to accept that reason, but….. What exactly does one see looking down the hole? I was taken out ice fishing a few times on the Ottawa River quite a few years ago, we were fishing for Walleye, or is it Pickerel, or as they called it in Quebec – Doré? At that point in time it was possible to drill multiple holes and put in tip ups. The strategy there was to sit in the shack, stay warm, and wait for a bit of movement on one of the lines and rush out to grab the tip up and gently coax the fish to take the bait. While the target was Doré there were any number of different fish caught. It would seem to be the same with a single hole. Jig the line and see what you can feel on the other end.

    So on the shortest days of the year, where we have the least amount of light, a person puts themself in what would constitute cruel and unusual confinement in at least some European countries and denies themselves the benefits of sunlight?

    I was out on Saturday and saw in the distance some shacks further up towards McDougall that seemed to have more windows. My kind of shack for sure, but I’ll need to get back out and explore some more to make sure that’s what I actually saw.

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