Photo of the Day – 2014-08-04

ParrySights-600-9742More critters in the sedum, in this case a yellow sedum. Although this plant was found in a non-garden area it may well have escaped from a garden some years ago. The critters? I suspect they are red spider mites (Etranychus urticae), smaller than the head of a pin (this close up photo can be deceiving). They seem to be the ‘caretakers’ of Candyland and are found on the pink sedum as well. (July 2014)

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 2014-08-04

  1. Jo Bossart/ says:

    No, I’m pretty sure they are not. They are smaller than the head of a pin and quite red. Doing a little bit more research I suspect they are red spider mites (etranychus urticae). Right size, right colour and in the right type of location. I’ll update the post to note this assignment.

  2. Jo Bossart/ says:

    Ticks are not an issue or ‘inspection issue’ up here in the Parry Sound area. I was quite aware of them when living in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Issues with ticks are likely more of a problem in Southern Ontario. But we have black flies, mosquitos and the timid but poisonous Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. I’ll take snakes over ticks.

  3. myfoodandflowers says:

    Agree! It is easier to spot a snake than a tick. Because there are so many raccoons in the Toronto city, ticks are found in the city garden as well! 🙁 I found one adult one by my client’s pool when I was doing weeding. I was thinking: OMG!! Try wear gloves doing gardening work…

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