Photo of the Day – 2013-03-14


Recognize this little fellow? It’s an Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, smaller than your pinky finger in thickness. I took this photo last spring as part of the ‘Rattler Roundup’ organized by Killbear Park staff for the Parry Sound Nature Club. The park naturalist took the group out to find rattlers as they emerged from their winter hibernation. The objective was to capture and tag them so the park can keep track of individual snakes and get a better idea of their territory. The larger snakes were captured for implantation with a chip while these little guys just had the tip of their tails painted pink, as you can see with this one (click photo for larger image). If you look at the rock you can see we are in a granite region, rather than the more common gneiss.

Yesterday’s date was from the Old Pump House on the Parry Sound Waterfront. It’s a heritage building that will be put up for sale shortly. There is quite a bit of history associated with the building. It reportedly provided the first chlorinated public water supply in the province. In little ol’ Parry Sound no less.

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