Video of the Day – 2013-03-04

[wpvideo oNoK1AhC]

This is a bit of a cheat, it’s not quite ‘Parry Sound and Around’. I was away a couple of weeks ago visiting my aunt in Florida and caught this footage while walking along a public beach just before sunset. I wish we would see a little more of this type of activity around Parry Sound. Yes our season is much shorter but there is still the opportunity to have more fun on the water than boating. Sail Parry Sound does provide some sense of the fun that can be had. I spoke with the kite surfer as he reached shore, he’s in his 50’s and has been doing this for a decade. He certainly made it look easier than it really is. If you look at about the 10 second mark he’s actually floating above the waves. (February 2013)

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