Photo of the Day – 2020-08-01

Parry Sound’s Tower Hill Heritage Garden at night. The lawn and chairs are lit by the cabin lights, the top of the tower has caught stray beams from downtown, and the sky is lit by some of the 250 billion stars in our very own Milky Way. (July 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-31

The Hills of Parry Sound. With Comet Neowise leaving it’s time to pay attention to the Milky Way which is ‘standing on its head’ for much of the next month. This image is from just inside the Town’s borders and showcases one of the most notable features of the Town, the ever growing and diminishing salt piles. (July 2020) The two bright ‘stars’ above the tree line are Saturn and Jupiter.

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-29

At this point Comet Neowise is heading away from the sun and getting dimmer by the day. It’s difficult to see it now with the moon up until well after midnight. Here is one last look at the comet over Parry Sound taken this past weekend, a little tighter and higher in the sky. (July 2020) Click on the image for a much better presentation at the ParrySights site hosted by SmugMug.

Comet Neowise Over the Town of Parry Sound’s┬áBig Sound Marina, July 25, 2020.

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-27

It’s nightime in Parry Sound and a look at Sound Boat Works. I’m glad that the restrictions on boating were lifted a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty socially isolated recreation, at least on Georgian Bay. No Comet Neowise this time. That tower you see in the distance on the left side of the image is the water tower on Parry Island. (July 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-26

More Comet Neowise. this time from Friday evening over the Town of Parry Sound’s waterfront as seen from across the harbour. If you have been following the images for the past week you will ┬árealize that the comet is moving west from early morning to late night. Before you know it, Neowise will be gone for some 6,800 years. (July 2020) (You will notice that the colour of the sky will change between images. This is due in part to what I think is most representative of the colour of the sky at the time the photo was taken, but mostly the amount and type of light pollution from the Town.)

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-24

Stars and flags. More scenes of the night in and around the Town of Parry Sound. This time it’s the view looking south from above the Tony Agnello Water Treatment Plan. (July 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-23

Comet with clouds. Last night was a happy accident photographically speaking. It was supposed to be clouded over but I headed out to check out some equipment that didn’t require a clear sky. Then the skies opened up and I was able to catch Comet Neowise above the clouds over Big Sound Marina and the Parry Sound waterfront. If you compare today’s image with yesterday’s you will note that the comet has moved west. If you get out at about 10:30 and look west you will be able to see it if you have dark skies. (July 2020) (Click on the image for a much nicer view at my website hosted at SmugMug.)


Photo of the Day – 2020-07-22 (Fixed)

Comet Neowise Over Parry Sound Harbor very early in the morning of 2020-07-20. Like fishing, you have to catch them when the conditions are just right. (July 2020)
(Note: I’m having some issues with WordPress. Now when you click on the image for a larger view. I am now directing the link to my site hosted on SmugMug. Funny name but a great service.)

Comet Neowise Over Parry Sound Waterfront 2020-07-21

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-21

Another early morning shot, this time from the Town of Parry Sound’s boat launch on Mill Lake. The image is notable, at least for me, in that the rising waning moon shows the unilluminated potion of the moon. If you have ever tried to photograph the moon in a nighttime landscape shot you know how hard it is to balance the exposure of the moon. Sometimes it seems you just get lucky. (To quote my high school football coach “Sometimes, if you work hard enough and long enough, you may meet with some success.”) (July 2020)

Waning Moon Rising Over Parry Sound’s Mill Lake Boat Launch.

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-19

A view of Comet Neowise as shot from Parry Sound Drive very early the morning of July 18th. (July 2020)

Comet NeoWise as seen from Parry Sound Drive in the Town of Parry Sound.