Photo of the Day – 2018-11-18

Three towers of Parry Sound as seen late in the day from the North Shore Rugged Trail. I was surprised to see the tower at Tower Hill Heritage Garden in this image looking back towards Parry Sound, but I shouldn’t have been. The North Shore Rugged Trail is readily seen from atop the tower, but it’s easy to ignore the towers when out on the trail. All that is missing are the two water towers. (November 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-10-31

Just a day later at the same time and it seems the spirit of autumn has returned to Parry Sound’s Tower Hill Heritage Garden. (October 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-10-30

Pretty as a painting. Monday morning at Parry Sound’s Tower Hill Heritage Garden after a light overnight snow. Click on the image, or head over to ParrySights, to see a much larger version. (October 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-10-29

First snow of the season yesterday morning looking toward Parry Sound harbour from atop the tower in Tower Hill Heritage Garden. In theory at least, there is more than a month and a half of autumn still remaining. (October 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-10-28

Snowberries, out of the garden and into the studio. (October 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-10-27

A post frost bouquet from our Parry Sound garden, down but not yet out. (October 2018)

Photo of the Day – 2018-10-26

The Survivors, Part 1. With the leaves of autumn pretty much gone, it’s time to celebrate the surviving colours of the season. I invited some of the remaining flowers and berries into the studio for a portrait session. Up first – an informal bouquet of Snapdragons. (October 2018)