Photo of the Day – 2018-02-23

It was a foggy winter view from atop Parry Sound’s Tower Hill. (February 2018)


Photo of the Day – 2017-12-11

The view out my back door. Yup, we have snow in Parry Sound and the question is how long it will last. We generally get a late November and/or early December dump that too often melts before January. I’m hoping it hangs around and the winter recreation season lasts through the end of March. (December 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-12-09

A look at the CP trestle not so late at night from McIssac Way in Parry Sound. One of the positive aspects of the approach of winter and early nightfall is the opportunity to capture night shots without staying up too late. (December 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-12-08

We had our first significant snow of the season arrive Wednesday night. Here’s a look at one of the more aesthetically pleasing results of 15 cm of snow. (December 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-12-02

The last colour of sunset peeking over the southern sky as you look beyond the Parry Sound harbour towards Seguin and the South Channel. (November 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-12-01

A scene from earlier this week along the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail. It’s still running season. (November 2017)

Photo of the Day – 2017-11-30

Well, I forgot about the CP Christmas Train visiting Parry Sound yesterday. I was out on the North Shore Rugged Trail when it arrived. Here is a sample of what you missed. I’m sure folks will be posting images of what I missed. I’m hoping for a frozen Big Sound with snow this year. (November 2017)