Photo of the week – 2021-04-17

Another season and a view of the Town of Parry Sound waterfront from the North Shore Rugged Trail. Prominent in silhouette is the ‘Great Pyramid’ of the Smelter Wharf. (April 2021)

Photo of the Week – 2021-04-09

While you were sleeping the Milky Way was up and ‘shining’ over Parry Sound harbour. This photo is a panorama shot from the Town Dock. It would have been nice to shoot the full arc of the Milky Way but the lights on the Town Dock just blow out the sky. Hey Parry Sound, how about turning the lights down a little?

If you look closely you can see the tower on Tower Hill. (Click on the image for a larger view at (April 2021)

Photo of the Week – 2021-03-21

It has been a few weeks since the last post but with Spring’s arrival and the start of the Milky Way season it was time to capture the night sky. This is the view from Parry Sound’s William Street Park looking over the Seguin River. Downtown is to the right and you can tell that by the glow. The bright area on the left is William Street and the Yvonne Williams Park. The┬áMilky Way is hard to see because of light pollution. You need to get out of town or use longer photo exposures to really enjoy it. (March 2021).

Photo of the Week – 2021-02-06

If the rinks are closed I guess Mother Nature figured she had to do something and delivered a big freeze. The Parry Sound waterfront was buzzing Thursday evening with cars pointing their lights onto the clear ice so people could skate. With the snowmobile trails closed it seems Mother Nature has turned her attention to providing snow on the Big Sound for the sledders. Skating season has come to a close, at least for now. (2021-02)

Photo of the Week – 2021-01-09

I am a bit of a sucker for night shots, especially┬ápanoramas. Here is another one of the Town of Parry Sound waterfront. It’s fun to scroll from Big Sound Marina to the CP trestle and identify the different businesses and homes. I have the image on my hard drive in full resolution, about 100 MP, which provides more detail and more fun. It’s much too big in full resolution to share online. (January 2021) (Click on the image and it will open a larger version at

Photo of the Week – 2020-12-26

Orion rising over Parry Sound’s Emily Street. I eagerly await Georgian Bay freezing over so we can get some clear skies. (December 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-12-19

A view of the Parry Sound waterfront from across the harbour. Like Manhattan and Brooklyn – the view is nicer from the lower rent area. (December 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-12-12

Another scene from last week’s snowfall, this time a panorama. The view is from the area behind the artist’s bench on the North Shore Rugged Trail looking towards the Town of Parry Sound. (December 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-12-05

A Parry Sound North Shore Rugged Trail beach scene – so romantic. The image is from earlier this week looking toward the Town and is a bit misleading. It’s a 10 second exposure that smoothed out the crashing waves. It was bit wild out on the trail with the waves and the fresh snow. On the bright side it was remarkably mild and kind to bare hands. (December 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-11-28

This image seems to capture the weather of the past month, cloudy day and night. In this case it’s a full moon trying to make an appearance. On the upside there has been little snow and the temperatures are above average. You take what you can get. (October 2020)