Photo of the Week – 2020-09-19

It’s not always clear with the stars and Milky Way brightening up the night sky. Often it’s the colours of technology shining bright through the gloom and reflecting off the clouds. (September 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-09-12

The big picture. This is a panorama of the Big Sound from the Town of Parry Sound to 3-Mile Point on Parry Island. The orange glow and the light in the sky to the left is from the Town and the rising moon. The glow on the horizon to the right is from the recently set sun. This was one of the very few clear nights of the past couple of weeks, and it was very windy. That’s not obvious from the multiple long exposure images used to create this 170 MP panorama. (September 2020) (Click on the image to see a larger version hosted at

Photo of the Week – 2020-09-05

A view of Tower Hill Heritage Garden at night from early August featuring the pond, cabin, and tower. Sometimes even light pollution can be attractive. (August 2020)

Photo of the Week – 2020-08-29

I am yet to see anyone using this ‘artists bench’ at the North Shore Rugged Trail trailhead. This bench evokes a sense of Greek or Roman architecture and, with the Milky Way, Saturn, and Jupiter hovering above, the illusion is enhanced. To the left of the Milky Way you can see the the Town of Parry Sound lighting up the sky. To the right you fade into the darkness of sky over Parry Island and the Big Sound. (August 2020)

The Seat of Learning at the North Shore Rugged Trail.


Photo of the Week – 2020-08-22

This is a view of the Milky Way from behind Zhiishiib Rock on Parry Sound’s North Shore Rugged Trail. You can see the lights of the harbor to the left and the ever increasing darkness over Parry Island as you look to the right and head out into the Big Sound. (August 2020) (As always, clicking on the image will open a larger version at the website.)

Photo of the Week – 2020-08-15

For those of you who didn’t stay up to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower this week, you didn’t miss too much. Here is a composite of all the meteors visible from the Town of Parry Sound’s William Street Park the night of August 12 until a little after midnight, about 2 hours in total. There were more satellites, not included, passing through the frame than meteors. But, it was a beautiful night and the Perseids provided a great excuse to get out under the stars. (The bright coloured streaks at the bottom of the screen are the lights of cars and trucks on Highway 400 crossing the Seguin River.) (August 2020)

A composite of the Perseid Shower as seen from William Street Park in Parry Sound the night of August 12, 2020.


Photo of the Week – 2020-08-08

Obscured by clouds. This image didn’t turn out as I had hoped. With a little bit of cooperation from the atmosphere the full moon would have set right behind Three Mile Point. Unfortunately, the clouds piled up on the horizon and all I was left with was a memory of a beautiful morning spent on the North Shore Rugged Trail. (August 2020)

Full moon over Parry Island


Photo of the Day – 2020-08-01

Parry Sound’s Tower Hill Heritage Garden at night. The lawn and chairs are lit by the cabin lights, the top of the tower has caught stray beams from downtown, and the sky is lit by some of the 250 billion stars in our very own Milky Way. (July 2020)

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-31

The Hills of Parry Sound. With Comet Neowise leaving it’s time to pay attention to the Milky Way which is ‘standing on its head’ for much of the next month. This image is from just inside the Town’s borders and showcases one of the most notable features of the Town, the ever growing and diminishing salt piles. (July 2020) The two bright ‘stars’ above the tree line are Saturn and Jupiter.

Photo of the Day – 2020-07-29

At this point Comet Neowise is heading away from the sun and getting dimmer by the day. It’s difficult to see it now with the moon up until well after midnight. Here is one last look at the comet over Parry Sound taken this past weekend, a little tighter and higher in the sky. (July 2020) Click on the image for a much better presentation at the ParrySights site hosted by SmugMug.

Comet Neowise Over the Town of Parry Sound’s┬áBig Sound Marina, July 25, 2020.